Friday, November 4, 2011

Angels are Relieving Themselves Over LA

It's raining right now in LA and for us Angelinos its sort of weird because it doesn't rain here much.  But I love when it rains; that weird smell of wet asphalt takes me back to my playground days in elementary school.  Which brings me to my point...  when it rained my mom had a strict rule for me to stay indoors to avoid getting sick, and frankly that was one rule I did not combat.  This only meant I was going to play games all day till my eyes bled.  Here is a short list of what you can play as of now while you're indoors to have a kick ass time.

First choice: Batman: Arkham City.  It's got a great story (plus the Catwoman's story is cool too), tons of hours of game play, and the Riddler challenge matches will definitely twist your noodle.

Second choice: Battlefield 3.  Campaign story is not so long but the online experience is where it's at.  I still don't get why people play COD.  The multiplayer gameplay in B3 is far more deep and intense.  You can jump into tanks, helicopters, and jets.  Need I say more?

Third Choice:  Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.  It's the game that plays like a movie???  Movie that plays like a game???  Plus you can play it next to your girlfriend and she would just think its Indiana Jones or the Twilight guy in an action movie (Drake does have that look, sort of). Bottom line: this game is "awesome" in a plastic shrink wrapped case.

So toss on your favorite pair of sweat pants, order in some chinese take out, and get your game on while the angels take care of their business over Los Angeles.  Your mom would be proud of you for being responsible with your health.