Saturday, October 15, 2011

1st Look at Green Lantern The Animated Series

Here's a first look at Cartoon Network's Green Lantern The Animated Series.

The Three Stooges Teaser Poster is Released!

Twentieth Century FOX released the teaser poster to The Three Stooges which hits theaters April 4th, 2012.

The Twilight Zone Has Found a Director

The Twilight Zone movie has found a director and it isn't Christopher Nolan or Michael BayMatt Reeves, director of Cloverfield and Let Me In has just been chosen by WB to helm the Leonardo DiCaprio produced Twilight Zone movie.  Unlike the original movie that had four mini stories, it is believed that this version  will be a single story that will have the same creepy and eery feeling that the show had.

Source: Deadline

The Walken Dead Trailer

Justice League: Doom Trailer is Here!

The trailer for DC's next animated movie Justice League: Doom premiered today at NYCC.  Here is the trailer for JL:D!

Source: IGN

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Crow Reboot Needs a New Director

Deadline has confirmed that Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) has left The Crow reboot in order to work on another reboot: Highlander.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens with the The Crow reboot.  The original one is a classic though!

Marvel's The Avengers Trailer Hits 10 Million Downloads in 24hrs

Marvel announced today that Marvel's The Avengers trailer had been download 10 million times on iTunes within the first 24 hours of being released.  This surpassed the trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon which had 6.4 million downloads within its first 24 hours of its release.  Click HERE to watch the trailer for The Avengers.

Source: Deadline

New Zelda: Skyward Sword Info

Nintendo has revealed two new areas in the game as well as new RPG elements. One of the new areas is Lake Floria which introduces new Wii-Motion Plus swimming controls as well as a new race of squid-like creatures. The other new area is Fun Fun Island, a place with "a lot of fun" but before you can actually have fun you have a complete a side quest on the island. Also new to the series is the new potion creation mechanic. You can collect insects hidden throughout the world and add them to potions. These new potions you create will have powerful new effects.

Source: IGN

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Sonic Generations Bosses & Rivals Trailer

-Video Courtesy of Sega

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Low Priced PSP Game Downloads For Vita

Sony confirms that you can play all downloadable PSP games but cannot play any UMD PSP games. Gamers who already own the original UMD copies of the PSP games can buy the downloadable versions for a discounted price.

Source: Andriasang

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Launch Trailer for Batman: Arkham City

 Courtesy: Superhero Hype!

Here's the launch trailer for Batman: Arkham City that comes out this Tuesday, October 18th.

8bit Spit Will Be at the Long Beach Comic Con!

It's that time of the year again.  No... not that time to dress up as ghosts and goblins.  It's time for the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con once again.  Since 2009, the LBCC has been has been the place to be in October.  With guests like comic writers Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Mark Waid (Kingdom Come), director John Carpenter (The Thing), Thomas Jane (The Punisher), and others attending to screen films and sign autographs, it's really the spot to be.

pretty bad ass!
This year, they will be holding their 1st annual Costume Masquerade Ball where there is a chance to win various prizes such as medallions, awards, or even cash prizes!  Come dressed up as your favorite hero or villain or favorite sci-fi character and enter for a chance to win!  As an added bonus, for those who purchased weekend tickets in advanced or are lifetime ticket holders will be presented with an Incredible Hulk #1 exclusive variant cover variant drawn by Whilce Portacio.  Incredible Hulk #1 is written by Jason Aaron with art by Marc Silvestri and Sunny Cho.  The variant cover is courtesy of Golden Apple and Long Beach Comic and Horror Con.

The Long Beach Comic and Horror Con will be held at The Long Beach Convention Center on October 29th and 30th.  Make sure you buy your tickets and don't miss out.  Tickets start at $25 a day or you can purchase the weekend pass for $45.  Students, Seniors, and Military and Law Enforcement personnel can get a discount when they purchase their tickets.  For more info and a look at the full guest list you can visit their OFFICIAL HOME PAGE.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @8bitspit to see if any cool news comes out of LBCC.

Address: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA  90802
Hours:    October 29-30 (Saturday & Sunday) 10am-6pm

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghost Rider is a Pinball Wizard

Yup.  Ghost Rider has a brand new game.  And it's a pinball game.  *sigh*  Why don't we just include Ghost Rider in the next Mario Party game?

Courtesy:  G4

Batman: Arkham City-- "You're Like Two-Face and Both Sides of Your Face are Ugly"

Can't wait for this game to come out!

New Release Date for Thor 2 and Other Movies

Thor 2 has a new release date, reports Superhero Hype.  Because the Johnny Depp starring The Lone Ranger was able to get its budgetary concerns in order, it will now start filming later than expected which means it will now reach theaters on May 31, 2013, which, in turn, pushes the Phineas and Ferb movie to July 26, 2013, a date once occupied by Thor 2.  The Patty Jenkins directed Thor sequel will now be in theaters November 13, 2013.

Thor 2 Gets its Director

Patty Jenkins has officially been announced by Marvel that she will be directing Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in Thor 2, reports Deadline.  Jenkins  directed Charlize Theron in her Oscar winning performance in the Monster and directed the first episode of AMC's The Killing.  You can read Marvel's official statement below:

Marvel Studios announced today that Patty Jenkins will direct THOR 2, which will be released in theatres on Friday, November 15, 2013. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman will return to star in the film along with Tom Hiddleston. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige will produce the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster THOR, which has grossed over $448 million worldwide to date.

Patty Jenkins previously directed MONSTER starring Charlize Theron, who won an Academy Award® for her performance in the film. Jenkins, who received an Emmy nomination for directing the pilot of AMC’s acclaimed series The Killing, has also directed episodes of Entourage and Arrested Development. Most recently, she directed “Pearl,” one of the five short films that comprise Lifetime’s original movie FIVE.

In addition to THOR 2, Marvel Studios is currently scheduled to release MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS on May 4, 2012, and IRON MAN 3 which is slated for release on May 3, 2013.


Arkham City - Wanna Play As Catwoman? You Gotta Download the Unlock Key

Catwoman will be a playable character in Batman Arkham City only if you purchase it brand new. The brand new game comes with an unlock key that's packed in the game. If you purchase the game used or borrowed it from someone, then you have to buy the unlock key off of the PSN Store or XBL Marketplace.

Source: Eurogamer

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 NYCC 2011 Trailer

Video Courtesy of IGN

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UMvC3 - Nova & Phoenix Wright Announced **UPDATED** Gameplay Changes

Wait a minute... how can Phoenix Wright fight if he doesn't know how to fight? He's just a lawyer. Find out in the trailers below!

Uncharted 3 Comes With Starhawk Beta

All retail copies of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception comes with a voucher code for the Starhawk Multiplayer Beta which will be coming in 2012.

Source: Playstation Blog

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GoldenEye Reloaded Trailer

Video Courtesy of G4TV

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calvin & Hobbes: The Next Generation **UPDATE**

I am a big fan of Bill Watterson's comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.  I couldn't wait to read them every Sunday and was saddened when Watterson decided he was done with C&H.  If you have never read Calvin & Hobbes, you are really missing out on a very funny, beautifully drawn and illustrated, heartwarming comic strip about the friendship between an imaginative boy and his best pal.  But now the guys over at Pants Are Overrated have done a great thing.  They have re-imagined the old Calvin & Hobbes series and turned it into Hobbes and Bacon.   Calvin is now older and married to Susie Derkins and has a little girl named Bacon.  Here are Pants Are Overrated's first three comics starring Calvin, Susie, Hobbes & Bacon.

The guys over at Pants Are Overrated posted one more Hobbes & Bacon comic up.

Batman: Arkham City Figures by Square Enix

With the upcoming release of highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City game fast approaching, Square Enix has come out with some pretty damn good-looking figures of both Batman and Joker based on the game.  You can see the pictures of the figures below.

DC Dropped By Two Major Book Chains

On Friday, Barnes & Noble pulled 100 titles that DC had said were going to be exclusive for digital download on the new Amazon Kindle Fire off the shelf.  B&N's reasoning:

Not a Good Week for Sony

Not to add more fuel to the fire, but after being hacked again, Sony is now offering free TV repairs to 1.6 million Bravia TV owners that purchased their television from 2007 to now.  Apparently, there is a defective part that causes the LCD backlights to melt.

Wow Sony.  You need to get your shit together.  Any and all information that you have on your customers is important.  Only because they didn't get the credit card "data," don't start patting yourself on the back.  And you are slipping on your other money makers?  Come on now...  Don't let this become the beginning of the end for the all mighty Sony.  Cowboy up!

Source: Deadline

Hackers Please Leave the PSN Alone

Yet again hackers have nothing better to do and were successful in accessing 0.1% of the PSN (Playstation Network), SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) and SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) networks.  People that were affected will be receiving an email stating to change their passwords yet again.

Here is the full statement that came from the Playstation Blog by the Chief of Information Security Officer Phillp Reitinger.  Cool title but I would not want to be in his shoes right now.

I get it.  You guys are good at hacking, but if this interrupts my online Battlefield 3 time, I will definitely lose my 8BITS!  Why is hacking so prevalent now? Is it like new territory that needs to be explored, like the Wild West?  All's I know is that I'm gettin' sick of it.  I like to play online, and these types of shenanigans are going to mess up the experience on the upcoming blockbuster titles this fall (I don't need to list them out, there all over this blog).  If I ask politely will you crazies stop?  Please stop messing with the PSN, if you must get your hack'on go to the CIA, or FBI that's a definite challenge.

Two Shows Renewed for a 3rd Season

 Both HBO's Boardwalk Empire and SyFy's Haven have been renewed for a third season, reports Deadline.  Fans of these shows should be happy.  To read more on the renewal of HBO's Boardwalk Empire click HERE.  To read more on the renewal of SyFy's Haven, click HERE.

4th Clip for Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One is already available for download in all major downloading places like iTunes, PSN, and XBL.  But for those of us who are waiting for the Blu-ray/DVD versions to come out next Tuesday, we can watch a fourth clip for B:YO titled "Car Chase."  Click HERE to watch it at Comics Continuum.  I tried looking for an embed of it but wasn't able to find one.  As soon as one is available, I'll have it up here.

Salivating Item of the Day

 With The Walking Dead's second season premiering this Sunday on AMC, I think that this would be a great item to pick up and read how it inspired the show.  It is The Walking Dead Compendium One and it includes the first 48 issues of the critically acclaimed series that is written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Tony Moore and others.  It is beautifully written and drawn in black and white.  You get to know the characters more and feel for their losses as no one is safe from the undead and the living who are also struggling for survival.  It is a great read and it is at a great price.  You can find it at your LCS (local comicbook store) or have them special order it for you.  You can also go to AMAZON to order your copy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Team Fortress 2 Mods - Super Smash Bros. & Persona 4 Intros

Here are old videos made by fans using PC modding tools.

Sonic Generations Announced for PC

GreenManGaming is now taking pre-orders of the PC version and will cost $29.99 while the console versions will be $49.99.

Here are the system requirements in order to play Sonic Generations on PC:

Batman: Arkham City - Batman Skins Coming This December

Gamestop is currently listing the Batman DLC Skins Pack on their website for $4.99 and will be available on December 6 in both PSN and XBL. It will also include the Sinestro Corps Skin which means that it is not a PS3 exclusive.

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Microsoft Working on a New Console

Microsoft has several people working on their next console:
  • Microsoft's Jeff Faulkner - "Xbox Next Gen Creative Director"
  • Senior Creative Director for Xbox Jonathan Harris - "designing the next generation of entertainment"
  • Graphic designer Patrick Corrigan - "providing groundwork and integration for branding elements for next-gen Xbox on all forms of media. Ranging from print to UI across future releases of the Xbox platform."
  • Microsoft intern Joe Langevin "designed and simulated high speed data buses to prevent electromagnetic interference in next-gen devices."
Source: Gematsu
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Batman: Arkham City - Nightwing Officially Revealed

Last week there were several leaks on the internet for Batman: Arkham City showing off all of the trophies/achievements that are going to be in the game. Two of them revealed that Nightwing will be a playable character in the game's challenge mode. And today, Warner Bros. Interactive has officially announced that Nightwing will be in the game as DLC. The Nightwing DLC will also come with two new challenge maps and the Batman: TAS Nightwing skin. The DLC will release on November 1st and will cost $6.99 on PSN and 560 Microsoft Points on XBL. The Robin DLC pack will be coming to PSN and XBL on November 22nd for those who didn't pre-order the game at Best Buy for the same price as the Nightwing DLC.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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Trailer for Lesnar in WWE'12

Well, so much for that news that fans were not to expect Brock Lesnar to be promoting WWE '12.  Here's a trailer of him promoting being a playable character in WWE '12.

Hitman Absolution Gameplay Teaser

-Video Courtesy of IGN

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3rd Batman: Year One Clip is Here Plus Bonus Catwoman Clip

A third Batman: Year One clip has been released by Warner Home Video.  MTV has an exclusive clip of the Catwoman short that will be included in B:YO.  Click on the link above to watch the Catwoman clip and watch the B:YO clip below.