Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas


Nice...  I miss Calvin & Hobbes.

To see how Jim Frommeyer and Co. created this, click HERE.

8bit Song of the Day #05

Today's #8BitSongOfTheDay is going to cheat a little. I wanted to talk about Mega Man, but that alone breeds controversy as you can't pick your favorite Mega Man song without incurring someone's wrath because they think another Mega Man song is the best. So this time I'm picking an entire album! Capcom got together and said, "Hey. How are we going to celebrate 20 years of Mega Man?" Then someone said, "We could do a Battle Network 18." Capcom quickly slapped some sense into him and said, "No, this time we're gonna do music." And so was born the best Mega Man mix CD you've ever heard.

Chiptuned Mega Man is a compilation of remixes of classic Mega Man songs from the game of the artist's choice. Speaking of artists, this is also one of the greatest compilations of chiptune artists that has ever been seen. This album is nothing short of amazing and a must for any self respecting Mega Man fan.

Now here's the catch. This album has become hard to get a hold of so I'm afraid I'm unable to give the usual buy link this time. However, I won't let you leave without at least getting a taste. 

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Friday, December 16, 2011

This is What Green Goblin Could've Looked Liked In Raimi's Spider-Man

-video courtesy of StudioADI

By Paranoid Droid

Hideo Kojima Posts a Picture of His Next Game

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima posted an off-screen picture of his next game currently titled Project OGRE. The game will be running on their new engine, the Fox Engine, that his team created for this game and most likely future titles.

Source: andriasang

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Ninja Gaiden 3 Gets a Special Edition

Tecmo Koei has announced that Ninja Gaiden 3 will get a special edition. The S.E. contains an art book, a soundtrack CD, and a figurine. Only exclusive to those who pre-order the game at Gamestop. The S.E. will cost $99.99 and will contain a demo of Dead or Alive 5. Ninja Gaiden 3 releases on March 20, 2012.

Source: IGN

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8bit Song of the Day #04

Today's #8BitSongOfTheDay is a special choice dedicated to all of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, King of Fighters XIII, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 players out there trying to get acquainted with all their new gear this month! Yes, it is time for Guile's Theme from the classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo! The arcade version is considered one of the hardest fighting games of it's era, coming complete with a nigh impossible boss, the Legendary Demon of Battle, Gouki! I mean, hey, c'mon c'mon. Akuma isn't nearly as scary a name, right? Well, turns out that both brothers' names, Gouki(Akuma) and Gouken, were lost in translation. Ever wonder who that Shen Long guy Ryu kept going on about was? Well, it was supposed to read, "Gouken". What happened was in Japanese, there are two alphabets, then kanji (literally translating to "Chinese characters"). Now, because these characters are borrowed from another culture they still hold their original Chinese pronunciation as well as having a Japanese pronunciation. So here's where the switch occurred. Names can use either pronunciation they want and so, given what happened, it is safe to say the poor translator wasn't given any phonetic guide for the pronunciation (furigana). So the US got Shen Long, and wouldn't be corrected on the type-o for years to come.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Movie Trailer: Jack the Giant Killer


The Expendables 2 Official One Sheet

Source: Ain't it Cool

Movie Trailer: ParaNorman

Comic Artist Eduardo Barreto has Passed Away

Comic book artist Eduardo Barreto has passed away at the age of 57.  Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

Source: Comics Alliance

Captain America Co-Creator Joe Simon has Passed Away

Our condolences go to the friends and family of comics legend Joe Simon.  He was 98.

Source: Newsarama

Official Site for The Amazing Spider-Man is Up & Running

SuperHeroHype has word that The Amazing Spider-Man's official website is up and running with all new pics promoting the movie.  It also has official descriptions of the characters from the movie as well as a synopsis of the movie that promises: This is the first in a series of movies that tells a different side of the Peter Parker story.  So we also know that this is just the beginning of a series of planned Spider-Man movies.  Here's the story followed by the pics below:

Movie Trailer: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

8bit Song of the Day #03

Today's #8BitSongOfTheDay comes from the crazy world of Anamanaguchi. The song is Dawn Metropolis off of their album of the same name. Let Anamanaguchi be the summer in your winter months as their fast paced, happy style gets you pumped for the day ahead. I think a lot can be said for music you simply can't frown at and Anamanaguchi delivers just that.

Please check out their website at and support your 8Bit!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Movie Trailer: The Dictator

Extremely Limited Edition of The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800

I don't care about the specs.  I just want the phone.  Nokia ONLY made 40 of these bad boys (Oh, the humanity!!!)   It comes with a Batman logo etched on the rear casing, special TDKR box slip, Bane on the wallpaper, and who knows what else since there are only 40 out there.

Source: Techno Buffalo 

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

If you have never seen NBC's Community you are really missing out on a great and funny show.  The show is full of easter eggs like the video above.  Apparently the writers used "Beetlejuice" in three separate episodes and we all know what happens after the "Beetlejuice" is said the third time, right?  Look at the background after "Beetlejuice" is said the third time.


Source: The Daily What.

Best of Music Videos of 2011

Yahoo! recently posted a Best (or Most Awesome) of Music Videos of 2011.  More than half of  Lyndsey Parker's taste (Ceelo Green?! C'mon!) in music is a bit too weird for me, but I did enjoy a couple of them.  Here are the ones I can say blew my mind.

I have never heard of Battles before, but they are now definitely on my radar.

I lost hope with today's music, and now with this one song I might have to take my ass back to a record shop.  I don't buy iTunes mp3s because they are too restrictive.  I mean give me a break.  I have more than one device I would like to hear my music from.

Ah, good ol' Beastie Boys are still keeping it real with their beats.  Straight out hilarious 80's-ish theme star studded video.  Need I say more?

Foo Fighters' White Limo, had me banging my head throughout the entire video.  I hope the album Wasting Light does the same.  The last couple of Foo Fighter albums have been duds for me; one good tune per CD does not make it a success in my book.

I have this philosophy when it comes to music: the sound composition has to be pleasing for me to dig what's coming out of my speakers.  It has to tame the jaded bone in my body that is ready to criticize how lame today's music can be.  I don't care two shits what the lyrics might say.  I have to first like how the damn thing sounds like.  I still don't have a clue of what Kurt Cobain was talking about in half of his songs, but I still regularly listen to all of my Nirvana albums to this day.

Teaser Trailer for The Expendables 2

8bit Song of the Day #02

Today's #8BitSongOfTheDay is the classic Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic the Hedgehog. It only seems fitting as SEGA once again tries to revive the blue blur from the stroke he suffered after seeing what they did to him in the last game. With the release of Sonic Generations (which just so happens to share the same abbreviation as the Sega Genesis. Lucky sign?) and another re-imagining of the Green Hill Zone it only feels appropriate to revisit the original to remind us all why we keep giving Sonic Team a second chance, if but to be able to have that experience once more.

Unfortunately, there was never an official soundtrack released. So we're going to enjoy a speed run as well!
Here gamer Videofan123987 blazes through the first Act in just 25 seconds! You know, I used to be able to do that in 24 seconds, then I got an arrow in the knee.

This article was written by Logan Via (@Raurik) for 8bitSpit.

George Takei Unites Star Trek & Star Wars Fans Against a Common Threat

Oh my!!!  George Takei acts as the "Broker of Star Peace" and reminds one and all that there is a common enemy that threatens both Star Wars and Star Trek alike: the Twilight movies. William Shatner and Carrie Fisher can bring phaser gun and light saber together against the bloodsuckers!

Jim Lee's FCBD T-Shirt Design Features The Justice League

The Source revealed Jim Lee's t-shirt design for 2012's Free Comic Book Day.  It features DC's new 52 version of The Justice League.  The shirt will be solicited in January 2012's Diamond PREVIEWS catalog and will be available in May.  Proceeds from the sales will go towards supporting "FCBD's marketing and  promotional efforts."  Jim Lee's design is an homage to Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez's Justice League piece.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Truth About Metal Gear Rising - A 25 Minute Documentary + New Gameplay Footage

-video courtesy of KONAMI

Learn how a video game turned from a pile of crap to the greatest game ever. There is a reason why the original Metal Gear Rising was scrapped.

By Paranoid Droid

Wipeout 2048 Trailer

-video courtesy of Playstation

By Paranoid Droid

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trailer

-video courtesy of Playstation

By Paranoid Droid

Gravity Rush Trailer

-Video courtesy of Playstation

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Extended Trailer & New Info

-Video courtesy of Konami

There's a bonus ending at the end of the trailer. I'm glad that they're still keeping that Kojima humor into this game.
KONAMI Details New Action-Orientated Title from Kojima Productions

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today takes the wraps off one of the most anticipated games of the year: METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE.

Announced over two years ago, KONAMI premiered a new trailer for METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE at the prestigious Video Game Awards on December 10th, and is now ready to outline the direction the action title is taking and detailing those behind it. METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE is a stunning action title, produced by Kojima Productions and developed by Platinum Games. Kojima Productions has created the story for the game, managed the cutscenes and voice-over sessions, and Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa has created the character designs. Platinum Games will focus on the game design and programming elements, under the supervision of Kojima Productions. A special documentary piece will debut on this Tuesday, 5:00PM (PST) that will reveal more on the development collaboration details between Kojima Productions and Platinum Games.

Hideo Kojima, Head of Kojima Productions and creator of the Metal Gear series, personally chose Platinum Games to create the new title, and Metal Gear Solid veteran Yuji Korekado has been appointed to oversee the project for Kojima productions and will work closely with Platinum's Atsushi Inaba. Hideo Kojima will act as Executive Producer. These appointments follow the decision to reposition METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE as a more action-orientated title than initially planned, with Platinum Games creating a game where the player has total control of the main character - the cybernetically-enhanced Raiden from METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns of the Patriots - and a total freedom of how users control him. As such, the game title has been subtly rebranded to reflect the more action-based content than in previous Metal Gear Solid titles.

As seen in the trailer, the result is a breath-taking action title wherein the player guides Raiden through a series of beautifully-realized stages. Raiden is armed with a High Frequency katana blade which he uses to cut through anything that stands in his way. The three-minute trailer shows Raiden's incredible level of power and control as he cuts through enemies and various obstacles alike using high-speed combination attacks, and using free-running skills to bypass groups of adversaries to give him a strategic advantage and catch them off-guard. As the game progresses, Raiden's physical prowess is increasingly called upon and tested, with huge enemies appearing that require specific tactics to disable.

METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE is scheduled to be released on PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.
I guess this means that there won't be a PC release anymore.

Source: Gaming Everything

By Paranoid Droid

8Bit Song of the Day #01

Today marks the beginning of #8BitSongOfTheDay. This will be a daily piece dedicated to a new classic shining of all the bleeping, blooping glory we, as gamers, grew up with. Each day we will bring you a piece of the energy and passion that exists in the world for all things audibly 8bit. Today's slice of pixel heaven is "Goodnight Megaman" by Cityscape, Go! from his "Days too Damp for Memory" album. This piece, though short, is like a living memory of more innocent times when all we had to worry about was having the biggest high score. In Cityscape, Go!'s own words, "I tried to put across how I feel about growing up in this piece: both the excited memories of my youth and the inevitable regret of leaving those memories in a corner of my mind." As we grow up many gamers find it harder and harder to hold on to what made gaming so important to us as kids. Some of us grow up only to find themselves in a world that doesn't accept their favorite hobby, others may over saturate themselves in games and, as they get older, become increasingly jaded and cynical. "Goodnight Megaman" reminds us all where we began our love of games and reminds us why we still play them today.

Cityscape, Go!'s "Days too Damp for Memory" album was released on for free and can be found at
You can find more music and information about Cityscape, Go! at his page here. article was written by Logan Via (@Raurik) for 8bitspit.

8bitSpit Holiday Gift Hit List

We all know that finding that perfect gift for someone can be difficult at times. So how about you let us suggest some cool items you can pick up for someone (or even yourself!) this holiday season. We have set up a price guide under this. We have also linked most of these items for immediate purchase. But remember you can always search and see if you can find the items elsewhere and perhaps for a cheaper price.  With that said, enjoy and Happy Holidays!

$: $0.01-$25.00
$$: $25.01-$60.00
$$$: $60.01-$90.00
$$$$: $90.01-$200.00
$$$$$: $200.01- and up!

Batman: Hush Unwrapped Deluxe Hardcover Edition

I am pretty sure many of you have read Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's year long Batman story Hush in which a mystery man from Batman's past is using his rogue's gallery in a very dangerous high stakes game. And I am pretty sure you know how accomplished of an artist Jim Lee is. In Batman: Hush Unwrapped, DC strips away all the colors and all the inks to give us just the penciled version on the Hush story. You can find purchase it HERE on Amazon or you can try web searching to see if you can find it cheaper else where. $$

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This Week's Comics Release 12/14/11

The Walking Dead #92
Here is the list for this week's comic books and comic-related merchandise courtesy of PREVIEWSworld.  As always, check with your LCS for availability.