Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Battlefield 3's 2012 DLC Release Schedule

Ahhh Battlefield DLC how I love thee.  Let me count the ways...  IGN reports that BF3 is getting three DLC packs this year.  The first one will be called "Close Quarters," and it will include four new maps and ten new weapons.  These maps will be sans vehicles and will be in enclosed settings.  This can only mean that mayhem will ensue in uncomfortable claustrophobic spaces.  YES!  YES!! YES!!!  Close Quarters will be out in June and the expansion will be given to PS3 gamers one week early.

The second release is called "Armored Kill," which is described in IGN's article, to be the opposite of the first pack.  This expansion will include new vehicles and will hold the largest map DICE has ever designed.  This makes me come to the conclusion that the vehicles are going to have to be fast moving vehicles.  DICE was tight with the 411 on this DLC.

The third and last pack will drop around winter, which is named "End Game."  IGN couldn't or can't reveal what DICE has in store for the last installment.  But knowing how great DICE is, they will not disappoint.

Source:  IGN

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