Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Movie Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

Truthfully, you are gonna see this movie. At this point you are just seeing these trailers to figure out how many times you are gonna go see it. We are just about a month away and although most of the trailers coming out now are showing the same stuff with a few twists and additions, it hasn't slowed me down at all to want to see the next trailer. And the next trailer. And the next. On this particular trailer, we hear a little more of that Inception/Dark Knight sound. Pretty cool stuff. July 20th, July 20th, July 20th.


  1. I now try my best to not watch every single trailer for one movie. I feel robbed of the surprise of what might happen. My limit as of now is two. Trailers now a days give out too much info, and I dont want the movie to be spoiled.

  2. I think if your limit is 2, you should only watch the first trailer they put out and the last trailer before the flick and you should be good. The best part about Nolan is he doesn't give much away in the trailer because you don't know what twists will come up in the movie.