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This Week's Comics Release 1/11/12

Mega Man #9
Here are this week's (1/11/12) comics and comic-related merchandise courtesy of PREVIEWSworld.  As always, check with your LCS for availability.

Sonic in Car Insurance Commercial

By Paranoid Droid

Remember the Zombie in the Tank in Season One of The Walking Dead?

Remember the ending for the first episode of The Walking Dead?  You do?  OK.  Cool.  Now remember how it ended with Rick Grimes seeking sanctuary inside a tank after hordes of zombies tried to devour him? And when he was holed inside that tank there was that soldier zombie?  Well that zombie was actor Sam Witwer who had roles in shows like Dexter and Smallville and is currently starring in SyFy's Being Human who took this uncredited role.  Former Walking Dead producer Frank Darabont actually had a specific reason for having had cast Witwer in that role.  He had planned on having the second season premiere of The Walking Dead feature Witwer's character before he got all zombified.  Darabont's goal was to show the audience that these zombies all had lives before becoming zombies.  Below you can see a video of Sam Witwer talking about Darabont's plans followed by a letter Frank Darabont sent Quint from AICN detailing his plans for Witwer and The Walking Dead.

International Marvel's The Avengers Billboards are Popping Up

Comic Book Movie has two images of international billboards of Marvel's The Avengers that are starting to pop up.  I have yet to see any here state side though.  CBM goes on to say that there are also international billboards with images of the Hulk and Thor as well.  Marvel's The Avengers hits theaters May 4.

Marvel's The Avengers Quinjet Concept Art

Here is the art concept for Marvel's The Avengers Quinjet courtesy of SpiderMediaMarvel's The Avengers hits theaters May 4.

Even COCO Can't Understand Bane

Friday, January 6, 2012

So Much for DC "Drawing the Line at $2.99"

I think DC's "Drawing the Line at $2.99" lasted about a week.  Since then, Flashpoint happened and created a new status quo and a new DCnU which brought a lot (52 in fact) of their comics to be reset to #1.  Among those were Superman, Action Comics, Batman, Detective Comics, and Justice League.  Out of the New 52, Justice League, Action Comics, Men of War, and All-Star Western  were all priced at $3.99 per issue.  Now Newsarama is reporting that DC is planning to raise the prices of both Batman and Detective Comics to from $2.99 to $3.99 because they are raising the page count from 32 to 40 because of a "story reason."  "Story reason" or not, watching DC slowly sneak their prices up is pretty shady and just plain wrong.  The whole "drawing the line..." meant that no matter what the page count was, the price of the comics would still remain at $2.99.  How much higher can the price of a single issue of a comic go?  Is this DC's way of trying to fade out print issues and go digital?  I hope not.  There is something about still holding a comic in your hand and flipping through the pages to see what danger our hero is trying to dodge and escape from.

If the reason of raising the prices of both Batman and 'Tec is for an extra 8 pages of story content, then I sincerely hope that DC decides to start drawing that line once again and set everything at $2.99 once the need for an extra 8 pages is over.  I don't want to hear 3-6 months from now that they are raising the prices for other single issue comics for "story reason."

Dr. Suess' Batman

If only it were true.  But pretty cool nonetheless.

Source: Joey Devilla

New Men in Black 3 Image

Here is a new pic of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 3 courtesy of Super Hero Hype (Via).

New Thor & Captain America Pic

The above Thor and Captain America pic is courtesy of Super Hero Hype (Via).  Hopefully this movie lives up to all the hype.  Marvel's The Avengers hits theaters on May 4.

Darth Maul Vs. Yoda in Brisk Star Wars

Source: Nerd Bastard

The Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Trailer and Clips

After the ending of season 2, part 1 of The Walking Dead, where are Rick Grimes and company going to collect themselves and carry on?  Here are a couple of videos and clips for the February 12 return of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Interview With Shigeru Miyamoto

-video courtesy of

I think the most exciting part of this video when they said that Mr. Miyamoto is working on a new unannounced title!

By Paranoid Droid

E3 2012 Rumor: New Xbox and New PlayStation Will Both be at E3 2012

Well we knew for sure that the WiiU would be showing at this summer's E3, but now the rumors are getting louder that they will not be alone.

Both the Xbox 360 successor AND a follow up to the PS3 will be shown at E3 2012.
The LA show tease will come as Wii U launch details are locked in – and should ensure no ground is lost between competing consoles.
It will mark the very first time in the show’s 17-year history that three fresh, rival console formats will be so directly comparable.

-Courtesy of

If the rumors are true and we do see a new Playstation, Xbox and WiiU, than this upcoming E3 will be insane! 

--Skuhl Leader

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

So I missed on this out here in L.A., but there is no reason you have to be dumb like me.  The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is kicking off next week, here are the dates:

January 10 - Dallas, TX
March 14 - Vancouver, BC
March 26 - Seattle, WA
March 28 - San Francisco, CA
April 7 - Denver, CO
April 20-21 - Phoenix, AZ
May 12 - Atlanta, GA
May 31 - Montreal, QB
June 22 - Austin, TX
July 14 - Orlando, Fl
September 29 - Toronto, ON

Tickets are on sale now at  Tickets can get a little pricey but nintendo dropped this promo code for you to keep a little bit more cash in your wallet: HOOKSHOT.

--Skuhl Leader

Gotham City Impostors Coming Next Month

The online multiplayer downloadable shooter will be coming to Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and PC this February instead of January as it was originally announced.

source: Super Hero Hype

By Paranoid Droid

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Press Release

Lego Batman is back and this time he's getting help from Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Force is Strong with The Darth Vader Burger

Damn.  That "Darth Vader" burger sure looks, um, appetizing, right?  This is a promotional burger for a French fast food chain for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D!  Hopefully it isn't some photoshopped picture and it's all real!  It really looks weird.

Source: G4

Back Cover to Justice League: Doom Revealed

I really can't wait for this movie to come out!  Glad they brought back the original voices for the Justice League.  Justice League: Doom comes will be released on February 28th.  Below is the front cover in case you had forgotten.

Source: Comics Continuum

Movie Trailer: Chronicle (60 Second Trailer)

There really isn't any new footage in this trailer of Chronicle.  This movie is pretty much in the same vain as The Blair Witch Project where we it seems we see everything that is happening to these teens learning to use the new found super powers through the lens of their camera.

DmC: Devil may Cry Interview - Competing with Bayonetta

All I can say is good luck with that. Bayonetta is a godly mix of Devil May Cry 3 and Ninja Gaiden Black. It was an evolution of Devil May Cry's gameplay. I mean look at what Bayonetta is like!

Looking at what DmC looks so far it doesn't even come close to what Bayonetta can do. With the old DMC 3 & 4 team supervising, DmC might turn out to be a fun action game. But leave it to the original Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya and his team at Platinum Games to make fast paced, intense, stylish, and challenging action games running at 60 frames per second and still look gorgeous.

By Paranoid Droid

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DCnU's Mystery Woman Has a Name

And it's Pandora.  If you read DC's Flashpoint which led right in DC's New 52, then you remember the part in which she appeared in a two page spread teasing different aspects of what was to come.  Then, in the New 52's #1's, she was seen in the background (go back and check your copy of Justice League #1) of the stories.  Without a name, she was just referred to as the Woman in the Purple Hood (or something along those lines).  What role she played in the creation of the DCnU has yet to be revealed or what her goal is.

At least we know her name.  Whether or not she plays our favorite music with limited commercial interruptions remains to be seen.

Source: DC Universe: The Source

8bitSpit's: What to Look Forward to in 2012

2011 had many stellar moments. Batman: Arkham City, Captain America: The First Avenger, the second season of The Walking Dead, Young Justice, and Frank McCourt finally giving in and selling the Dodgers just to name a few. So how will 2012 top 2011? Let's take a look at a couple of things (in no particular order) that might just make 2012 better than 2011!

Our Favorite Videogame Music Ever

We are all videogame geeks here at 8bitSpit.  Some of us from birth, some of us along the way. But we all have a love affair or a fond moment of videogame awesomeness we hold dearly. Videogame music always seems to spark some debate, but also some great memories.  Here are each of our top 3 greatest videogame music:

Skuhl Leader's Top 3

Wizards and Warriors - NES -1987

If there was ever a cult classic videogame, this was it. Wizards and Warriors was like a poor man's Castlevania, but I dare say that the soundtrack to this game was all first class. This game was tough but not to the point that it was excruciating. The music to me was so awesome. The theme song is the most popular one out of all the songs in the soundtrack. But to me the song that comes out in the cave is the best.

Check out the rest below:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Artist Bryan Hitch Announces His Future Plans

After letting everyone know that he would be leaving Marvel at the end of the 2011, Bryan Hitch has announced his plans for A.M.: After Marvel.  Hitch will be collaborating with writer Jonathan Ross on an Image Comics project titled America's Got Powers.

Here's a synopsis on what AGP will be about:

The comic tells the story of Tommy, a San Franciscan teenager who works selling merchandise at the stadium that hosts America’s Got Powers, a TV reality show that recruits new members for America’s number one superhero team. Tommy was one of the many San Franciscan children born eighteen years ago, when every pregnant woman in the area gave birth simultaneously. No matter how far along they were, and all the children survived. And prospered. And all with super powers – all that is, except for Tommy. Who now finds himself working at a booth in the stadium watching all his powered peers, and in love with Ice, a superheroine who works on the show. And in the shadow of his powered twin brother. But somehow, this season, he finds himself finds himself successfully entering the show – powerless. And about to uncover the big conspiracy behind the interdimensional snowflake that caused the event, those who are the real power behind the super team and those behind Tommy’s own lack of powers.

Sounds like an interesting premise.  We should be seeing more details and artwork released tomorrow.  America's Got Powers is scheduled for a second quarter 2012 release.

Source: Comic Book Movie

The Lion King Rises: A Dark Knight Rises Parody

It's exactly what it sounds like.

Source: Shockya

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue's Final 40 Seconds **UPDATE**

Sorry... The video was taken down. Hope some of you were able to see it.
I don't consider this spoilerish in any way unless you are really tryin to avoid any and all TDKR news.  This isn't the prologue at all.  This is the last 40 seconds or so of shots and snippets that was shown AFTER the Bane prologue ended.  Again, view at your own discretion!

Untitled from SolyentBrak1 on Vimeo.

Source: Comic Book Movie

8bit Song of the Day Mega Man Special Results

It is time to unveil the winner of the 8Bit Song Of The Day Megaman 2 & 3 Robot Master Track Throwdown!!!

And the winner is, Mega Man 2!

Here is a recap.

Round 1 - Snake Man
Round 2 - Metal Man
Round 3 - Crash Man
Round 4 - Quick Man
Round 5 - Flash Man
Round 6 - Wood Man
Round 7 - Needle Man
Round8 - Spark Man
The total was 5-3 in Mega Man 2's favor.

Don't forget to check these games out for yourself! We suggest picking up a copy of Mega Man 2 and 3 on the Virtual Console on your Wii or finding a copy of the excellent Mega Man Collection for the Gamecube. You can also find a copy of Mega Man 2 for the iOS.

On a side note, as Boogie Knight posted about earlier, I will be leaving for MAGFest soon and in turn won't have a new #8BitSongOfTheDay article until the 9th. However, I will bring back tons of inside info on all the crazy happenings of MAGFest 2012! Look forward to all of that and more next week!

Love reading about comics, video games, and movies, but don't have time to search through the internet all day? Then follow us at @8bitspit for your one-stop shop for all things geek.

This is article is written by Logan Via (@Raurik) for 8bitSpit.

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What's in Store for Dexter in Season 7 and Beyond?

After the big revelation that occurred in the sixth season finale of Dexter, what is in store for America's Favorite Serial Killer?  Executive producer Scott Buck talks a bit about what's in store for Dexter, Debra, and the rest of Dexter's supporting cast.  If you don't want to know what Buck has to say about Dexter's future or you don't know about the big ending to the sixth season, I suggest you leave know.  Otherwise, happy reading!

MAGfest 2012

MAGfest is an annual celebration of music and gaming will take place this year in Maryland.  Fans of gaming and music are treated to live music by the bands that perform gaming music, and rooms upon rooms of arcades, PC, and console filled with games.  Starting January 5 all the way through January 8, fans are invited to walk around the showroom and participate in impromptu music performances and play all the games they want.  This is a 24 hour event which means it's like the Vegas of gamers for the next four days!  Also, what makes this event cool is that it is completely run by fans!  There is no corporate bullshit or sponsorship plastered everywhere!  It is truly an event for the fans by the fans.  This year, MAGfest is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Maryland.

MAGfest sounds like shitloads of fun!  Logan Via, who is a contributor for 8bitSpit, will be attending MAGfest and should have a write up soon after all the fun he is going to have there subsides.  In the meantime, you can follow Logan Via on Twitter at @Raurik and here on 8bitSpit.

For more info on MAGfest like prices, layouts, and who will be performing, visiting them at their home page at  You can visit their YouTube page by clicking HERE.

This Week's Comics Release 1/4/12

Batwing #5

Happy New Year to all!  Here are this week's comic books and comic book-related merchandise courtesy of PREVIEWSworld.  As always check with your LCS for availability.

8bit Song of the Day Mega Man Special #8

Welcome to the final round of the Mega Man 2 & 3 Robot Master throwdown at #8BitSongOfTheDay! No matter who wins, it is important to remember how awesome these games are. For two games that came out over twenty years ago to be argued about to this day is a testament to their worth alone. These are games that withstood the test of time. These games defined quality platforming in ways that even made Mario and Sonic green with envy. Hopefully you've already experienced how awesome these games were, or maybe we at #8BitSongOfTheDay have inspired you to pick up a copy of these classics so you can. So no matter which game is the better, what is important is that we are all left feeling like we need to play Mega Man again.

Alright, Grand Final! Hajime!

In the Blue corner, weighing in at 1:13, Heat Man!

In the Red corner, weighing in at 1:14, Spark Man!

We're down to the last Robot Masters! Dr.Wily is just around the corner so it's time to kick it into full gear! Vote your hearts out! For this last one you can vote on Twitter (to me, @Raurik) or the comments section as much as you want! Let your voice be heard in the final battle between two of the best games the NES ever had! Also, don't forget to follow @8bitspit for more awesome articles in 2012!

This article is written by Logan Via(@Raurik) for 8bitSpit.

Happy 2012!

Happy 2012 from everyone here at 8bitSpit!  Cheers!