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Meet the New Creative Director for Assassin's Creed III

-picture courtesy of Gameinformer

Alex Hutchinson is the new creative director for Assassin's Creed III. He was the lead designer for Spore and plans to take Assassin's Creed III on a fresh new direction. Watch his cool interview with Game Informer HERE.

Hearing what Hutchinson had to say about the development on ACIII gets me super excited for the game as well as the fact that the team that made the first two games as well as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time are making the game.

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FromSoftware Wants To Make Another "Souls" Game

It seems that the guys at FromSoftware wants to make new "Souls" game. In an interview with Gametrailers, Masanori Takeuchi, head of R&D, and Eiichi Nakajima, executive producer and director of business development of FromSoftware, had this to say when asked about the future of the "Souls" series and other business plans:
"We've always been about making games for the core gamer," Nakajima explained. "And they weren't necessarily games that did well financially, which is too bad. The success of both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, which have each sold over a million [copies] per title worldwide, has made us shift our thinking internally to not just core gamers, but to globalize our products, that they can be successful on a worldwide scale. That's now one of the key pillars we consider when we develop games in the future."
I asked Takeuchi and Nakajima about the future of its Souls line, which they say will continue.
"Of course, it's not over yet," Takeuchi said. "You have to go back to our roots, which is King's Field. We've made many games in that series. We've always been enamored by dark fantasy action RPGs. That's just been our core DNA and I think we'll continue to utilize that."
I want them to make another game in the series. I love Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. FromSoftware is also thinking about making a PC version of Dark Souls since there are so many PC gamers interested in the game as well.
"That's going to be a decision left up to the publisher, Bandai Namco, but yes, we have seen the comments and we do know of the desire for a PC version," Takeuchi said.
A PC version would be great as well. Dark Souls running at 60FPS and with no framerate drops are enough for me to double dip.

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Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Clip

-Video Courtesy of Marvel

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Sega's Game Gear Games Coming to the 3DS

Sega announced that there will be Game Gear titles coming to the Nintendo 3DS system on March 14th. The first few games are: Sonic Triple Trouble, Shinobi, Dragon Crystal, Sonic Blast, and Sonic Labyrinth.

Via SegaBits

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Look at Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp as The Lone Ranger and The Crow.. I Mean Tonto

Earlier today, producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted the pic above giving us a first look at Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp as The Lone Ranger and Tonto respectively, in the currently filming movie The Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger hits theaters May 31, 2013.  How "lone" can the Lone Ranger be if he has Tonto by his side?

Source: Super Hero Hype

The iPhone 4S Vs. The Bat Phone!

C'mon.  Batman's Bat Phone is shaped like a bat!  How is that not cooler?!

Holy Strike a Pose, Batman!

-- DCComics (via MTV)

Pretty bad ass pic of Christian Bale as Batman!  The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 26.  In case you haven't seen the trailer (and shame on you for haven't done so already!) or just want to see it again for the umpteenth time, here it is:


8bit Song of the Day: B-Sides #05

"Rock Lobster" performed by our future emperors, SKYNET  We hail you!!!!!

Source:  bd594

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Battlefield 3's 2012 DLC Release Schedule

Ahhh Battlefield DLC how I love thee.  Let me count the ways...  IGN reports that BF3 is getting three DLC packs this year.  The first one will be called "Close Quarters," and it will include four new maps and ten new weapons.  These maps will be sans vehicles and will be in enclosed settings.  This can only mean that mayhem will ensue in uncomfortable claustrophobic spaces.  YES!  YES!! YES!!!  Close Quarters will be out in June and the expansion will be given to PS3 gamers one week early.

The second release is called "Armored Kill," which is described in IGN's article, to be the opposite of the first pack.  This expansion will include new vehicles and will hold the largest map DICE has ever designed.  This makes me come to the conclusion that the vehicles are going to have to be fast moving vehicles.  DICE was tight with the 411 on this DLC.

The third and last pack will drop around winter, which is named "End Game."  IGN couldn't or can't reveal what DICE has in store for the last installment.  But knowing how great DICE is, they will not disappoint.

Source:  IGN

Canada Has a Space Program

Actual footage of Canada's Space Voyage.

Source:  Tosh.0

Mass Effect 3 Seems to Be a Good Game...

As I go through my daily routine to see what was reviewed for the week on Gametrailers, the first one on the list is Mass Effect 3 with a rating of 9.5 (out of 10).  I quickly viewed their video review and I'm instantly so hyped to play this awesome looking game.

There is one problem.  I'm a bit behind on Mass Effect; in fact, I haven't played any of the games.  You see, I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to playing trilogies.  What I'm trying to say is that I need to play them in the order that they were published. When the first one was published (2007), I had already given up on my 360 because of the dreaded "Three Red Lights."  Plus I had already made the switch to the beloved PS3, therefore hindering me from the great experience that I kept hearing from all of the game review outlets.

I now own ME2 on the PS3, but I feel compelled to play it after I get ME1 out of the way (Yes, I know, I'm neurotic.).  I might break my rule and just play ME3 because of the hype.  I mean its gotten 10's from many well know game sites.  You don't believe me check out Metacritic.

Video Source: Gametrailers

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sony Moving Forward with Spider-Man Spin Off Venom

The L.A. Times is reporting that Sony is in negotiations with Chronicle's director Josh Trank to direct the Spider-Man movie spin off Venom.  No word yet if it will be connected with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies (which I highly doubt), connected with this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man movie, or it's own continuity.  Click on the link above for more on Sony's plans for Venom.

The Dark Knight Rises/Community Trailer Mash Up!

Wow.  I can't wait for Community to return and for The Dark Knight Rises to finally hit theaters this summer!

Source: The Mary Sue

Superman Vs. Hulk!!!

Alright!  You've just seen the intro to this showdown?  Pretty cool, right?  Check out the next two rounds below.  The third round isn't out yet but we'll definitely have it for you as soon as it makes it's way to the web.  I like the fact that YouTuber mhabjan used Christopher Reeve as his Superman model.  Enjoy the next two rounds!

Disney XD to Run Marvel Nation... I Mean Marvel "Universe"

Our weekend mornings are about to get better.  Not only has Cartoon Network given us DC Nation on Saturdays which shows Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series along with DC animated shorts, now Disney XD has countered with their own block of Marvel related animation titled "Marvel Universe."  Like DC Nation, Disney XD will have Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes as their primary shows with mini animated shorts shown in between.  Check out the line up that will begin airing on April 1st.

Here's A 12 Minute Preview of The FP

We brought you the red band trailer for The FP a while back.  How about a 12 minute preview of The FP?  What say you?

Tester Season 3 Episode 5

Oh yeah, we are coming close to the end.  6 contestants left!!!  This weeks show revolved around The God of War series and they also get to visit Santa Monica Studios, to play a soon to be released game.  Are these vague clues?  Is there a  God of War 4 in production?  Man I am so pumped to even think that there might be another GOW in the near future.

Source: Playstation Blog

ThunderCats Season 2 is Coming Back!

-via Topless Robot

I wasn't expecting new episodes to be back until sometime later this year-- at the very earliest. Looks like Saturday, March 24, at 9:30 am, the ThunderCats will be making their return to Cartoon Network. Damn!  Cartoon Network is bringing the heat this year. DC Nation, Clone Wars, and ThunderCats!

MLB 2K12 Goes Straight To The Heart!

One day Cubs fans, one day.

Retro Movie Trailer: Monster Squad!

A forgotten treasure! I think when this movie came out on VHS, we must have watched this flick multiple times in a week.

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Party Rock Anthem" A Literal MSpaint Animation

Lets be honest, today's mainstream music is just straight out crap.  The radio waves fill our cars and homes with silly air headed, catchy sing along, dance pop garbage fluff.   Which makes me avoid the radio at all cost. Heck if I forget my phone or iPod, I prefer to simply drive with no soundtrack.

What kills me the most is that these so called musicians that write these stupid songs just spew out incomprehensible catch phrase babble.  So let's dive into what LMFAO's "Part Rock Anthem" is trying to tell us...

Source: Tosh.o, LiteralMSPaint's Channel

The Avengers Trailer 1960's Animation

-video courtesy of

The Simpsons Game of Thrones Opening

New Men in Black 3 Trailer

-Video Courtesy of SuperHeroHype

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Assassin's Creed III Trailer

-video courtesy of PowerUnlimited

The trailer was done in-engine. The graphics do look improved over ACII that's for sure.
Here's the press release from Ubisoft:

Ubisoft® Ignites the American Revolution with Assassin’s Creed® III

Paris, France — March 5, 2012 — Assassin’s Creed® III will hit store shelves on October 31, 2012, encouraging gamers to experience the American Revolutionary War not written about in history books. The largest project in Ubisoft’s history also introduces a new hero for the ages.

With a development cycle of over three years and twice the production capacity of any previous Ubisoft game, Assassin’s Creed III is set to release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Windows PC and is also in development for Wii U™ from Nintendo. Assassin’s Creed III is developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with six other Ubisoft studios.

Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution in the late 18th century, Assassin’s Creed III introduces a new hero, Ratohnhak√©:ton, of Native American and English heritage. Adopting the name Connor, he becomes the new voice for justice in the ancient war between the Assassins and Templars. Players become an Assassin in the war for liberty against ruthless tyranny in the most stylized and fluid combat experiences in the franchise to date. Assassin’s Creed III spans the Revolutionary War, taking gamers from the vibrant, untamed frontier to bustling colonial towns and the intense, chaotic battlefields where George Washington’s Continental Army clashed with the imposing British Army.

Assassin’s Creed III is powered by Ubisoft-AnvilNext, a revolutionary new game engine that delivers breakthroughs in visual quality, character models and artificial intelligence. Assassin’s Creed III will feature a ground-breaking level of stunning graphics that bring Colonial America to life.

“Assassin’s Creed III features the franchise’s most expansive setting so far, along with an exciting new hero and exponentially more gameplay,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft. “Whether you’re a longtime fan of Assassin’s Creed or if you’re new to the franchise, you’re going to be blown away by the scale and marvel of Assassin’s Creed III.”About Ubisoft

Source: Ubisoft

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Meet the New Robocop!

Deadline is reporting that MGM has chosen AMC's The Killing's Joel Kinnaman the role of Alex Murphy/Robocop in director Jose Padilha's remake of 1987's Robocop. Peter Weller originally played Robocop in the first two movies.

Here is what director Jose Padilha told Super Hero Hype about his take on Robocop:

"I have my take on it... and I can tell you this: In the first 'RoboCop' when Alex Murphy is shot, gunned down, then you see some hospitals and stuff and then you cut to him as RoboCop. My movie is between those two cuts. How do you make RoboCop? How do you slowly bring a guy to be a robot? How do you actually take humanity out of someone and how do you program a brain, so to speak, and how does that affect an individual?"

I am curious to see how the look of Robocop would work in today's world. Obviously, with today's modern technology, there really isn't a need for Robocop to look all bulky like he did in the original movies. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how Padilha's vision works out.

They've also gotten Nick Schenk (Gran Torino) to rewrite the project which is still slated to start this summer.

This Week's Games Release 3/5/12 - 3/9/12


Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3, 360)
Mass Effect 3 (PS3, PC, 360)
MLB 12: The Show (PS3, Vita)
Major League Baseball 2K12 (PS3, PC, 360, Wii)
The Sims 3: Showtime (PC)
Unit 13 (Vita)


I Am Alive (360)

Boogie Movie Review: Justice League: Doom

Justice League: Doom
Directed By: Lauren Montgomery
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Starring: Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Nathan Fillion, Susan Eisenberg, Michael Rosenbaum, Carl Lumbly
Studio: Warner Premiere

Justice League: Doom is the latest entry into what has become a pretty successful run of animated movies by DC and Warner Premiere. JL: Doom (if you didn't already know) is loosely based on Mark Waid's JLA story Tower of Babel.  The shared premise is Batman's contingency plans to take down the JLA if they were ever to go rogue (both voluntary or involuntary) are stolen and put into effect.  Can the JLA survive their greatest threat of all when that threat is Batman?

Justice League: Doom is an action packed animated movie that is well animated (has some anime flavor but not too much) and sports a great voice cast!  Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly both return to voice Batman and Superman respectively along with Justice League and Justice League Unlimited alums Susan Eisenberg, Carl Lumbly and Michael Rosenbaum all returning to voice their old characters.  Add to that Nathan Fillion (who voiced Hal Jordan Green Lantern in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights) was also brought back to voice Green Lantern.

Video Game Deals of The Week (03/04/12 to 03/10/12)

Here are Deals of the week.  FYI:  This week sucked for video game deals.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hulu to Start Showing Community Animated Shorts

Here is the synopsis to Abed's Master Key:

In the three-part sequence of “Abed’s Master Key,” Dean Pelton hires Abed as his temporary assistant. Entrusted with a Greendale Master Key, Abed abuses his power to help his friends, and after Britta confronts Abed, she heads down the same dark path.

Here's the official press release for the return of Community this month:  

On Thursday, March 15 at 8/7c, “Community” returns to the NBC lineup with the episode, “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts,” in which Andre (Malcolm Jamaal Warner) and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) plan to remarry, throwing Annie and Britta into wedding-planning mode. Jeff, meanwhile, prepares a speech while Troy and Abed practice acting normal. Elsewhere, Pierce and Shirley present a sandwich-shop proposal to Dean Pelton.

Created by Dan Harmon (“The Sarah Silverman Program”), “Community” is a smart comedy series about a band of misfits who attend Greendale Community College. At the center of the group is Jeff Winger (Joel McHale, “The Soup”), a fast-talking lawyer whose degree has been revoked. With some help from his fellow classmates, Winger forms a study group who eventually learn more about themselves than their course work. Also among the series stars are comedy legend Chevy Chase (“Chuck”), Gillian Jacobs (“The Book of Daniel”), Yvette Nicole Brown (“Rules of Engagement”), Danny Pudi (“Greek”), Alison Brie (“Mad Men”), Donald Glover (“30 Rock”), Ken Jeong (The Hangover) and Academy-Award® winner screenwriter Jim Rash.

Any way we can get more Community is alright by me!

Source: Nerd Bastards

This Week's Comics Release for 3/7/12

-Winter Soldier #3

Here are this week's comics and comics related merchandise for March 7th, courtesy of PREVIEWSworld.  As always check with your LCS for availability.

On the Fence About Watching John Carter? How About Watching a 10 Minute Preview Scene?

New Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer